China accounted for a share of world exports into four consecutive maintain trade superpower status goods

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"3 years, China's foreign trade structure continued to optimize the quality and efficiency rising, exports accounted for global share rose to 13.8% from 11.2% year after year, to maintain a continuous trade superpower status goods." 19, a regular at the State Department policy briefing, Assistant Minister of Commerce Zhang Ji introduced in recent years, China's foreign trade to support steady growth and the implementation of relevant policies and measures.

According to reports, since 2015, all of the incremental export refund by the central financial burden; support the insurance institutions to expand insurance coverage in accordance with commercial principles, since 2013 Short-term insurance penetration increased to 14.8% from 17.8%; after 3 years rectification, cancel a large number of charges related enterprises, reducing the large number of charges, the cumulative burden of enterprises 200 billion. (Reporter Liu Zhiqiang)

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