Qinzhou to ASEAN's largest trade markets increasingly frequent trade

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Recently, the world's largest container shipping company - Moller - Vano No. Persian Gulf shipping container vessel Maersk Group, which produced Qinzhou loaded with electronic equipment, leather products and other goods slowly left the Qinzhou Port, Malaysia to Tanjung Pala Perth Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Singapore moving. This means that another batch of Qinzhou production of goods sold to the ASEAN market.
In recent years, trade and economic cooperation between the ASEAN countries and Qinzhou increasingly frequent, ASEAN has become the largest market in Qinzhou City import and export trade. According to customs statistics, from January to July this year, Qinzhou to ASEAN countries import and export value completed 540 million US dollars, accounting for 22% of the city's total foreign trade.
With the deepening of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, ASEAN enterprises to continue to invest in Qinzhou, Qinzhou enterprises have to go abroad to invest in ASEAN countries. Statistical data from the Commerce Department show that Qinzhou City, to the present, Qinzhou introduced investment from ASEAN countries, more than 1.5 billion US dollars, including Guangxi Jingui Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Guangxi Ocean Oil Co., Ltd., Oriental Resources (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd. ASEAN enterprise projects. The Qinzhou total of eight enterprises to invest in ASEAN countries, with a total investment of $ 25.46 million.
Qinzhou City in exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN countries, the MA Qin State Industrial Park in Kuantan Industrial Park and Malaysia "two double-park" mode of cooperation has become China initiative in cooperation with the two countries Malaysia. Kuantan Kuantan, Malaysia is home to industrial parks. 2015, Qinzhou and Kuantan Municipal City Council have agreed to from 2016 onwards, held alternately "dual cities Day" every year to promote international exchanges and cooperation between the two cities.
April 1-3 this year, "Qinzhou Day" was held in Kuantan, Malaysia sign the two governments work together to create a "two-double-park" mode of cooperation, extending from the positive cooperation between countries to-city cooperation, from inter-governmental exchanges to extend non-governmental exchanges, to extend from industrial cooperation and cultural exchanges, the interpretation of "national Amity between people," the profound meaning. (Reporter / ZHANG Guan years)

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