Indonesia's legal timber from November to export to the EU market

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According to the European Business Website September 16 reported that Indonesia and the European Union have been determined since November Indonesia issued legal timber exports to the EU license. Indonesia has become the global fight against African timber harvesting and timber trade association of African background, the first timber export licenses obtained EU countries.

In 2003, the EU has developed "The EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Action Plan 2003" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"), it aims to strengthen the sustainability and legitimacy of forest management, improve forest governance, promoting trade in legally produced timber, reduce illegal logging. Issuing export licenses wood must meet the "plan" requirement. September 2013, Indonesia and the EU signed an agreement. Since then, Indonesia has established a system to ensure that all harvesting, import, transport, trade, processing and export of timber in line with national laws and regulations on many aspects of environmental, social, economic and so on. The EU acknowledged that Indonesia has made substantial progress in the forest sector temporary pipe connection, to achieve the EU's high standards.

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